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Lannea coromandelica
 » Species Type :  tree  
 » Botanical Name :  Lannea coromandelica  
 » Synonyms :  Dialium coromandelicum Houtt., Haberlia grandis Dennst, Lannea grandis (Dennst.) Engler, Odina pinnata Rottl., Odina wodier Roxb., Lannea coromandelica (Houtt.) Merrill  
 » Common Name :  Indian ash tree, Jhingan  
 » Family :  Anacardiaceae  
 » Local Names :


Botanical Garden Name No. of plants maintained Quality parameters identified, if any Quantity of planting material / seed production
 Regional Research Institute of Ayurveda, Gwalior Road, Jhansi  2    Initiated
 RRI (Ay.), Jawaharlal Nehru Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants Garden & Herberium, Kothrud  9    
 Herbal Garden, Khandagiri  9    Seeding has not occured
 KFRI Medicinal Plants Garden, Peechi  3    
 Govt. Medicinal Botanical Garden, Rajpipla  8    
 Govt. Medicinal Botanical Garden, Jeetnagar, Rajpipla  537    
 Medicinal Plant Garden, Jabalpur  3    
 Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur  1    


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