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Piper longum L. -
 » Species Type :  climber  
 » Botanical Name :  Piper longum L. -  
 » Synonyms :  Chavica roxburghii Miq., Piper longum L.  
 » Common Name :  Indian long pepper  
 » Family :  Piperaceae  
 » Local Names :
•  Marathi :  Lendi pimpli


Botanical Garden Name No. of plants maintained Quality parameters identified, if any Quantity of planting material / seed production
 Herbal garden, Instructional Farm, Vellayani  1000  Work in progress  
 Herbal Garden - A&M Plants Research Station (KAU), Asamannoor  35    
 Medicinal Plant Garden R.R.I. (Ayurveda), Guwahati  1  Good variety (sapling stage)  
 Medicinal Plant Garden cum-Gene Pool Conservation Plot, East Khasi Hills  2    
 Medicinal Plant Garden cum-Gene Pool Conservation Plot, Sangmein  1    
 Medicinal Plant Garden cum-Gene Pool Conservation Plot, Umsaw Nongladew  10    
 Medicinal Plant Garden cum-Gene Pool Conservation Plot, Umkhuti  10    
 Medicinal Plant Garden cum-Gene Pool Conservation Plot, Rongrenggiri  8    
 Herbal Garden - Deptt. of Horticulture, Dharwad  10    100 Nos.
 Regional Research Institute of Ayurveda, Gwalior Road, Jhansi  20    
 S.M.P. Garden, Terikhet, (Ranikhet)  25  Organic cultivation  Only for demonstration
 Azad Hitech Herbal Garden, Kanpur  250  Spile yield  650 seedlings
 Viswanathan Memorial Herbal Park, Vellanikkara  11  Piperine, Piperidine  2500
 Dhanvantary Udyan, Rahuri  2    
 Aushadhiya Udyan, Jabalpur  100    5000
 ICAR-Directorate of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Research, Anand  500    100 vegetative propagule
 KFRI Medicinal Plants Garden, Peechi  80    
 Govt. Medicinal Botanical Garden, Antarsuba  100    
 Medicinal Plant Garden, Jabalpur  200    
 Sanjivani Kutira, Bhanjanagar  1    
 Dhanvantari and Sanjivani Herbal Garden, Junagadh  1    
 North-East Ecological Park, Jorhat  4    300 cuttings
 Nagarjun Medicinal Plants Garden, Akola  25    
 Herbal Garden Joginder Nagar, Joginder Nagar  500  3 year  200
 Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR), Palampur  1    
 Coastal Ecosystem Herbal Garden, Annamalainagar  2    
 Medicinal Plant Garden, Itanagar  5000  Drug standerdisation made by CCRAS drug standardization Institutes Heavy metals under admissible level  1000
 Dhanvantri CCMB Herbal Garden, Hyderabad  10    
 Herbal Garden - N.I.U., Kottigepalya  20    
 Late Tatyasaheb Ringangaokar Udyan, Nagpur  2    
 AUS UPVAN, Ranchi  10    
 Venknath Herbal Garden Loni, Shrigonda  5    
 Sant Teresa Herbal Garden, Shrirampur  2    
 Dr. Baliram hire Adivasi Vidaylaya, Dari Herbal, Dari  10    
 Herbal Garden - D.R. Bhosale Vidyalaya, Deogaon  10    
 Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur  50    
 Shivaraj Vidyalay & Jr. College, Kagal  4    
 Parshuram Naik Vidyalaya Campus, Borgaon Manju  3    
 Medicinal Plant Garden for Conservation, Propagation and Development, Vadodara  50    
 Herbal Garden of Dr. A.C.Homoepathic Medical College & Hospital, Bhubaneswar,  5    
 Herbal Garden - Ambazari Hingna Road, Nagpur, Nagpur  20    
 Ayushya Vatika, Phagwara  20    


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