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Sida rhombifolia L -
 » Species Type :  shrub  
 » Botanical Name :  Sida rhombifolia L -  
 » Synonyms :  Sida orientalis Cav., Sida rhombifolia (L.) var. obovata Wall. ex Masters, Sida rhombifolia (L.) var. rhomboidea (DC.) Masters  
 » Common Name :  Broom jute sida  
 » Family :  Malvaceae  
 » Local Names :


Botanical Garden Name No. of plants maintained Quality parameters identified, if any Quantity of planting material / seed production
 Herbal garden, Instructional Farm, Vellayani  100  Work in progress  
 Herbal Garden - A&M Plants Research Station (KAU), Asamannoor  20    
 Medicinal Plant Garden cum-Gene Pool Conservation Plot, East Khasi Hills  2    
 Ausadhiya Poudh Vatica / Model Medicinal Plants Garden, Pantnagar  6    50 plants
 S.M.P. Garden, Terikhet, (Ranikhet)  25    
 Herbal Garden - TBGRI, Karimancode P.O.  2    
 Gopabandhu Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Herbal Garden, Puri  100    
 KFRI Medicinal Plants Garden, Peechi  10    
 Medicinal Plant Garden, Jabalpur  1000    
 Medicinal Germplasm Garden RPRC, Bhubaneswar  25    
 Medicinal Plant Garden, Itanagar  1000  Drug standerdisation made by CCRAS drug standardization Institutes Heavy metals under admissible level  1000
 AUS UPVAN, Ranchi  50    
 Siddha Medicinal Plants Garden, Mettur  10    
 CHF Herbal Garden, Pasighat  40    
 Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd: Medicinal Plant Cultivation Farm, Denkanikota  10    
 Medicinal Plant Garden for Conservation, Propagation and Development, Vadodara  5    
 Ayushya Vatika, Phagwara  10    


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